About Alavida Health Ltd.

Changing people’s lives for the better is both inspiring and challenging. Building a hub that can change the world is even more so. It requires the sharpest, most adaptable people that have both expert problem solving skills and a tremendous heart. If you feel drawn to this challenge, and driven by social conscience, join us! - Because this is what has made it possible for us to build such a successful and caring team.

Alavida is the world's first Heavy Drinking Health and Wellness Hub. We offer innovative outpatient treatment for heavy drinking, by combining cutting-edge yet easy-to-use technology with medical and clinical approach. We personalise treatment and allow clients to privately access their care team from anywhere, without having to spend time away from family or work.

Clients set their own goals, and see life-changing results in under 6 months: more than 87% reported feeling more in control of their drinking and more than 82% significantly improved their ability to stop drinking once they start*. We currently have offices in Canada and the USA. To learn more, visit alavida.co

*SOURCE: Alavida Client Completion Data, Nov'17 - Apr'18

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