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Alavida is seeking a Salesforce Admin to work on our unique, technology-driven approach to heavy drinking. If you have experience managing and customizing the Salesforce platform, bring care and attention to your work, and want to work on systems that help people change their lives for the better, apply now.

Alavida has recently transitioned our operation onto the Salesforce HealthCloud platform, and we are busy customizing it deeply to serve our staff and our clients well, with extensive use of Flow, Process Builder, Lightning Web Components, and Communities.

We need an experienced Salesforce Admin to work alongside our internal leaders to keep improving our use of Salesforce, so that we are getting more out of it week by week and month by month. Our goal is to streamline the workflows of our busy doctors and therapists, and surface data and intelligence that allows us to customize our treatment of each individual who comes to us for change. You can learn more about what we do below!


Based in Vancouver, Alavida is the world's first Digital Therapeutics company focused on heavy drinking. Combining cutting-edge technology with a medical and clinical approach we are able to produce groundbreaking results treating alcohol addiction and empowering people to have a healthier relationship with alcohol. Our products are designed to deliver results in under 6 months without requiring time away from work or family and with clear success measurements.

Our technology approach is focused on helpful solutions that create the best outcomes, in partnership with our therapists and physicians. We deploy continuously, and work to improve our code quality and our developer workflows constantly, so that our tech team can push reliable, valuable solutions. We value security and patient privacy above all, then we prioritize the changes that will have the biggest impact on our patients and staff.

We are an environment that values the professional practice of software development, and believe that continuous learning and continuous improvement allow us to accomplish great things that we can all be proud of. This is a very collaborative environment: our technology team needs to work in partnership with our clinicians and our marketing staff to create patient experiences that are successful and enjoyable.

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This is a full-time role; the time commitment can be flexible at the beginning.

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