Care Solution Executive Junior - Health Tech

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Changing people’s lives for the better is both inspiring and challenging. Building a hub that can change the world is even more so. It requires the sharpest, most adaptable people that have both expert problem solving skills and a tremendous heart. If you feel drawn to this challenge, and driven by social conscience, join us! - Because this is what has made it possible for us to build such a successful and caring team.

Based in Vancouver, Alavida is the world's first Problem Drinking Health and Wellness Hub. Combining cutting-edge technology with a medical and clinical approach, we are able to produce groundbreaking results treating alcohol use disorder and empowering people to have a healthier relationship with alcohol. Our products are designed to deliver results in under 6 months without requiring time away from work or family and with clear success measurements.

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The Role

As Care Solution Executive you will be responsible for helping inbound potential clients navigate to the Alavida service that is best suited for their current situation. This means multitasking with chat, phone, and email support to connect with people in the golden window of opportunity when they are asking for help and seeking change.

You will be an empathetic ear while providing them with the information they need to activate change in their lives. Success in this position will require the ability to communicate effectively in person and in a virtual setting, and create a connection with people. You should be comfortable with your ability to interact with clients regarding very sensitive information. Additionally, you should be able to contribute ongoing improvements to internal processes based on observations and feedback collected from client feedback.

Within the first 30 days you will be expected to:


Your Profile

You are a master of the soft sale and motivated by the opportunity to help people overcome addiction by excelling in your role of informing them about care options available. You are capable of conducting consistently empathetic and non-judgmental communications as you assist people to select the path that is best for them at the given juncture in their life. You enjoy learning and are constantly improving your delivery. You are patient and caring with great attention to detail and a diligent person in following up with potential clients in a timely manner. You do not require close management, but have no problems reaching out for direction when you need it.

You understand and appreciate the value of evidence-based treatment. Your excellent interpersonal skills, amazing work ethic, make you an integral part of our team. Finally, you want to make the world a better place.

Key Responsibilities




Alavida offers a competitive salary and benefits package reflective of applicant experience and training.

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